In Vanuatu, telephone lines are more and more efficient. Almost all the villas are connected to the local corded network (TVL). Cell phones operates on Efate, Santo, Malicollo, Ambae and Maewo. Ask TVL to learn about areas covered by the network.
In Port Vila, you can buy prepaid cards. You just have to check that your cell is not curbed by your operator.
Our team can also give you information about cell renting during your stay.


We are conscious that it is more and more necessary to stay connected with the world. However, our villas are not all equipped with an internet connection. Ask us about this matter before any reservation.
Please note that you can find many cybercafes in Port Vila. Therefore, you can come with your laptop.

Transport Network

Road Infrastructure

We drive on the right-hand side. Lack of road markings and signs, road conditions (untarred roads) make driving tiring, even dangerous in some places. There are no gas stations outside Port Vila and Luganville (Santo). You can rent cars or four-wheel drive vehicles. There are many taxis. Minibuses frequently pass – you just have to wave your hand at one to make it stop and tell the driver where you want to go. The price for a ride is 100 vatu.

You can mostly reach the islands by plane – the coasters transporting passengers do not offer a regular service.
Liners frequently call at Port Vila.

Air Transport

Vanuatu is only 2 hours and half flying time from Brisbane and 3 hours and half from Sydney, in Australia. It is about two hours from Auckland, in New Zealand, and one small hour from New Caledonia. From Paris, via Australia or New Caledonia, you need thirty hours flying time.
The airport on Efaté is named Bauerfield. It is 10 minutes far from the capital, Port Vila. There are six international airlines:

  •  Air Vanuatu from Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Noumea and Nandi.
  •  Aircalin from Noumea with connecting flights to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Japan and France (Europe).

  •  Solomon Airlines from Honiara and Nandi with connecting flights to the United States, Europe, Japan and New Zealand.
  •  Virgin Pacific Blue
  •  Air Pacific
  •  Air New Zealand

    Four airports (Port Vila, Luganville, Tanna and Norsup) have tarred runways. Air travels to other islands whose airports only have grass runways are subject to weather conditions as they cannot be used in case of heavy rains.

  • Its Geography

    The Republic of Vanuatu is a State of Melanesia located in the south west of the Pacific Ocean, in the Coral sea. The archipelago is located 1,750 km east from Australia, 540 kilometers north west from New Caledonia, to the west of Fidji and to the south of Solomon Islands.

    Vanuatu is composed of 83 islands. The only two towns of the country are Port Vila, the capital, with 35,000 inhabitants, located on the Efate island; and Luganville, located on the island of Espiritu Santo.

    Some volcanic islands are still active, like the islands of Tanna with the Yasur volcano, of Ambrym with the Marum and Benbow volcanos, and Aoba (Ambae) and Lopevi with the eponymous volcanos. Other volcanos are sleeping like the Garet mount of the Gaua island, or the Karua, a submarine volcano located in the caldera of Kuwae between the Epi and Tongoa islands.

    Vanuatu is rich of an exceptional nature: volcanos, coral seafloors, dream beaches, virgin forests... and all this under a tropical climate.

    Its History

    In 1906, French and British together founded an Anglo-French condominium, the condominium of New Hebrides.

    During the Sixties, the people of New Hebrides tried to gain more autonomy, and the independance was finally granted to them by the two colonizing nations, on the 30th of July, 1980.

    Its Languages

    Vanuatu has three official languages: English, French and Bislama.

    The great wealth of Vanuatu lies in its impressive linguistic density, the most important on earth. For a population of more than 220,000 inhabitants, you can find at the very least 110 different languages, not counting the dialects.

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