Our Staff

2VR along with villas renting, offers qualified staff, trained to welcome and serve.

In every villa, owners offer the services of: 1 housemaid, 1 gardener and sometimes 1 guard.

Should this personnel be missing in one of the villas we offer for rent, 2VR will provide once a week a housemaid for cleaning and changing the bedding.

Furthermore, on demand of our guests and for a reasonable price, 2VR is able to offer the following personnel, qualified and serious: cook, driver, gardener, additional housemaid, laundrywoman, guard, baby sitter, personnel for skin care and massages...

Our Services

2VR can also offer services:

For the house:

    • Bedding and household linen
    • Baby chair and crib (500 vatu per day)
    • Continental breakfast (2 000 vatu per person)
    • Arrival food basket (5 000 vatu for 2)
    • Assurance

For your leisure:

    • Tours Operators reservations,
    • Any activity regarding the discovery of the Vanuatu Archipelago: its sites, culture, arts and crafts
    • Any activity regarding water sport (diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayak, surf...)
    • Any sport activity: golf, hiking, horseriding…
    • Car, motorbike or scooter rent….
    • Airport transfer: to Port Vila 2 000 vatu per person, to aeras outside of Port Vila 3 000 vatu per person.
    • Party organization

As soon as you make a reservation, you can inform us of your suggestions and describe your expectations.

2VR is at his guests’ service.

Our prices do not include:

The above mentioned services. Food and beverages. Damages inside or outside the property. Your phone calls. Internet use, Wifi…

Payment Procedure

All the guests can pay

  •  With their credit card (+5.85% bank charges will be charged to the card)

  •  By wire transfer to our bank in Vanuatu (+ 2 000 vatu bank fee).

    We accept the following currencies: AUD, NZD, USD, EURO and VATU

    You will be asked a 50% deposit when you make your reservation.

    How to Contact Us?

    Online reservation

    Email: info@vanuatuvacationrental.com

    2VR will be pleased to answer your questions and to meet your expectations.

  • Guarantees and Services

    Vanuatu Vacation Rental Limited is dedicated to offer a catalogue of exceptional villas which might meet your longings concerning short or middle-stay rents.

    Our aim is to offer our services to tourists and people settling in Port Vila for professional reasons and for a limited amount of time as well.

    Regarding the rent agreement, our guests must know this agreement is binding them to the villa’s owner. 2VR takes the responsibility for bringing you any opportunity as regards information and reservation. Our mission is to give you the best satisfaction in choosing the Villa and to make sure that this reservation request succeeds.

    The properties offered on our website have been visited and duly inspected by a member of Vanuatu Vacation Rental Limited. A full description has been written with the owner by mutual agreement.

    Furthermore, Vanuatu Vacation Rental Limited directly deals with the owners in order to avoid adding fees: consequently, the price we offer is the fairest, even lower than the market sometimes. Villas have great equipments. We advise you to refer to the “specifications sheet” section that you can find on every presentation page.

    We remain at your disposal should you need information on the villas, our staff, offered activities in Vanuatu.

    Vanuatu Vacation Rental Ltd

    P.O. Box 1276

    Port Vila


    Phone : (00678) 77 67 077

    Email : info@vanuatuvacationrental.com